I can’t use Facebook as my business page anymore…

Facebook is the largest social media network in the world for many reasons and it’s growth is a very interesting study.  It seemed to have reached a peak for personal use and when that peak was occurring business started to begin using it and continue this growth.  Facebook was very effective at the beginning of this business trend to shut down businesses using personal pages.  Except for this measure against businesses actions on Facebook they largely were left alone by the social media platform.

Eventually when Facebook monetized and went public the reach of a business page diminished.  Thirteen Letter clients who have 3000+ followers soon found diminishing returns, a post that once reached 3000 was now reaching 1500 and eventually now is reaching 5-10% of the total likes of a page.

To sidetrack for a moment the metrics in social media for the most part are honest unlike traditional print, radio and TV metrics.  When traditional media tells you they reach 50,000 people with your paid advertisements they can not tell you how many were actually reached, social media companies CAN.

So to reach this loyal fan base of people who like your business page how do you reach them?  You have to pay for this privilege.  This has not been popular as a goal in using social media was to not have to pay to reach new clients.  One workaround that existed was using Facebook as your business page.  You could login in as your business and like posts of other people and businesses and it would help grow your likes and potential client reach.

Well Facebook closed this door for good April 1.  There was outrage and there still is ten days later.  For client work Safari is the browser of choice and “using Facebook as” for business use disappeared many months ago, but still existed in the Chrome browser.  It was a little inconvenient using this browser because of the tracking metrics used by Google when you use this browser, but for the return in Facebook it was worth it.  April 1 this feature in Chrome disappeared around the world.

Reaction was swift and furious from social media managers and business owners who run their own Facebook presence.  If any business signs over full control of their social media to a company they should review this, they should always have a principal as an administrator on every social media presence.  Thirteen Letter requires every client has someone within the company has access to social media presences.

Now ten days later how do you communicate on Facebook as your business?  It is a question that has been asked time and again since the change April 1.

First know your environment…facebook-post-as-1

You can not as a business post on a personal post, you can not like or comment.  This example shows a personal post.  If you look at the icon it is on the left and for now there is a different position for the icon if you can post as a Facebook business page.

If you could post as a business the post will look like the one below.


The icon has moved to the right, to test if you can like or comment as your business or as a business click where the red arrow is pointing.  If a drop down appears with the business pages you manage on Facebook then you can interact as the business.

At this writing it does not appear that the ability to share as a business page has disappeared.  Whether Facebook decides to limit sharing is to be seen.  For now thought this is the limit of how to interact as your business page on Facebook.

Will this change?  We have heard from some beta testers for the platform that it will never change back to how it was but it may evolve.  Facebook has to show financial return to their investors and if drawing more income from business increases return they will.  They will also find more ways to draw return to their investors.

If you have seen other efficient ways to interact as your business page on Facebook please contact us and let us know.

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