Thank you is a powerful tool

thank_you_pinned_noteEvery company who manages social media has a strategy.  Good companies will evolve their strategy as they roll it out for a client.  Strategies will also vary depending on the client and their industry.  Even within the same industry the same strategy will not work between two different clients.

One of the first strategies we implement with every client is saying thank you.  It is unbelievable how good old fashioned manners we are taught as children work so well in every facet of life.  We had started using a scripting service which would send a thank you tweet to new followers.  It does not matter if a new follower sees this response, but if they do we hope they appreciate it.  What matters is our previous new followers see our client’s appreciation for everyone.  When you acquire a new follower this is an investment in your brand, so thank you should be a natural reaction to this investment in your brand.

One point that has arisen out of this, why don’t you @username them to thank them instead of using a scripting service?  Well the scripting service we use has it in their terms of service that it is not allowed, which we agree with.  Additionally hand thanking every new follower allows room for error by missing a new follower or two.  We do not miss any new followers using the script we do.  Using the script in this fashion also allots more of our contracted time for more efficient use instead of using all of our contracted time thanking new users.

One pleasant evolution in the scripting service is the addition of images being attached to the thank you tweet.  With the image words and more information about the brand can be added. As you see from the examples below branding, website address and with events the dates of the events can be added to the image and in one case the event venue is the thank you image.  So realistically the 120 or so characters (an image can take up to 20-25 characters) can say thank you for the investment and the image allows more information.

There is a very positive reaction to thank you, each one of these posts receives a like or a retweet. Even before images were used, this appreciation of someone’s investment in a clients brand was understood.

terrymasseyFor personal social media thank you tweets have even employed.  This thank you tweet image has been described as goofy cat burglar and it could not be more appropriate.  Personally having someone invest their time in the muddled tweets that arrive from that account should be appreciated.

This script has been published on the service to share it with other users. To date it has been added by over 11,000 users and liked by over 200 users and has placed thirteen letter as one of the top script creators on the service.


Simply using your manners can go a long way!

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