Author: Terry Massey

thirteen thoughts August 4

1 Twitter is considering subscription options. What are your thoughts? CEO Jack Dorsey revealed the company was not hitting revenue projections and were considering a tiered subscription plan. Frankly having a better run ad system might help. Through all the campaigns that thirteen letter has run on Twitter the results have been terrible, conversion rates (seeing your ad clicking through… Read more →

thirteen thoughts July 21

1 This is a bit late as helping create new content for a YouTube channel was taking place. It was the first “free range” episode for the Massey Twins since February and will be released some time tomorrow. They cause an explosion is all that can be revealed at this time. 2 When the Score was a prominent sports channel… Read more →

thirteen thoughts July 14

1 Have you ever heard of Tyler Blevins? Tyler plays Fortnite online using the handle Ninja. He is considered a legend in online gaming and has seen his popularity rise with that of FortNite. He was signed to an exclusive streaming deal with MIXER a Microsoft owned video game streaming platform. Microsoft creating a live streaming platform to go hand in… Read more →

thirteen thoughts July 7

1 The reason we are on social media is to see cool things we would never typically see. Like a ten year time lapse of the sun. 2 In the past Google was renowned for launching the next “social media” killer apps or features that eventually fizzled, Google+ anyone? It seems this honour is shifting to Facebook who are closing two features this coming week, both of which were… Read more →

thirteen thoughts June 30

1 So after being so excited about the new voice tweet feature on Twitter it had all but been forgotten in these parts. That is a drawback to new features on social media and a slow roll out. If you do not lay them on everyone at once no one will notice them.  2 Instagram is like this with filters… Read more →

thirteen thoughts June 23

1. There can be to much Twitter, it is the preferred social media in these parts and makes for easy content on thirteen thoughts so we will see how Twitter free this week can be.  2. There have been some desktop changes to Instagram. The beauty of Instagram was that it was a truly mobile platform. You had to use… Read more →

thirteen thoughts June 9

1. Black Out Tuesday June 2 was more polarizing than the good it was to have brought. This was simply started as a show of solidarity by the music industry towards Black Lives Matters. It exploded beyond the music industry very quickly and this is where the backlash began.  2. With social media a lot of companies are not sure how to express… Read more →

thirteen thoughts June 2

June 2, 2020 1.  How has your company reacted to the pandemic? This question has no right and no wrong answer. One unifying theme throughout the reaction phase is communication. You learn if you are connecting with your clients effectively. It also allows you to try new tools to connect with clients. T R Y   N E W   T… Read more →

thirteen thoughts – May 26

May 26, 2020 1. Well who thought most of us would still be at home or working from home? Has there been a social media platform for you that has made physical distancing or the public health advice easier? 2. Has COVID19 illustrated how effective your businesses digital presence can be? Most of the essential shopping for our household has… Read more →