March 9, 2020

  1. Welcome, thanks for taking the time to read this! We hope to provide some constructive ideas to help you with social media, branding and business. We would love to hear ideas you want help on. Tell a friend about this with the handy links down below.
  2. LIVE Q & A: Have a question about social media? Need it answered?  Email us in advance to Q@thirteenletter and we will answer the questions during a Facebook Live Thursday March 12 2:00pm Saskatchewan time if you have not already liked that page, you should, so you receive notifications about live events.
  3. Remember when big money was spent on radio, TV and print ads? We live in a golden age where you can try new things on social and try new platforms to see if you can reach potential or existing clients.
    T R Y   N E W   T H I N G S.
    You also can get the results of who you were reaching unlike traditional means with little investment.
  4. What is your favourite podcast? Is there a subject you love dearly? Chances are a podcast about your favourite subject exists. If you wanted a crash course on starting a podcast let me know.
  5. Email is still relevant and is still be one of the best ways to reach new clients and allows you to try new things. Some of the services like the one I am using for this email newsletter are unbelievable is the data they provide about the sent emails.
  6. Tiktok, is the fastest growing social media platform and has some fun, wonderful and amazingly creative people on it. If you have kids who are using TikTok as their messaging application review it. This is not a place for them to be messaging anyone. TikTok is well liked in these parts except for the fact pre-teens are using it like a texting app.
  7. Have you reviewed some of the features on Facebook as it relates to your personal and business profiles? They are constantly evolving and adding more tools to make everything more efficient. As they want to gain more of your attention for advertisers as well as drive your customers to your Facebook profile over other social media platforms and even away from your website.
  8. Is Twitter toxic? Has it become just one big argument?  It can be, but it is also the best social media platform to experience a live event. No other social media platform can touch it and great examples of this are a couple of sports ones with CBC’s Devin Heroux and the NHLs Vegas Golden Knights.
  9. Also please STOP sharing your Instagram posts directly to Twitter… I and MANY others do not leave Twitter to check what was in your Instagram post you shared.  There is a way to share without people even knowing where the post originated… REALLY!
  10. #Hashtags, they are now HUGE on LinkedIn just when you don’t know whether you should post your hashtags in an Instagram post or as a comment in the post, or how many hashtags to use on Twitter, LInkedIn is suggesting hashtags on personal and business posts and the suggestions are VERY GOOD.
  11. Instagram stories, lots on this topic to talk about. Music has finally come to personal profiles in Canada. If you tag a business with a post using music it can not be shared by that business so please note that. No one knows how many stories are the right number to post in the course of a day for your business, brand or personal use. With an 8 second attention span more than six in a 24 hour span seems like to many…
  12. YouTube, has anyone even checked in to the YouTube neighbourhood when it comes to video?  Instagram might be the closest with IGTV and Facebook is popular for video as well but hands down YouTube is still the dominant force.  Some brands like WWE make millions of dollars a month from repackaging their shows and putting those clips on YouTube. Think about that…
  13. All apologies to hockey pundit Elliotte Friedman and his 31 Thoughts blog and podcast. But this was my thirteen thoughts. I do encourage you to check out his blog it if you are a hockey fan. The podcast with Jeff Marek is well done as well.

Thanks for reading!

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