May 26, 2020

1. Well who thought most of us would still be at home or working from home? Has there been a social media platform for you that has made physical distancing or the public health advice easier?

2. Has COVID19 illustrated how effective your businesses digital presence can be? Most of the essential shopping for our household has been done online or double checking a businesses social media we have to visit in person to see what their policies for the public are.

3. Is it too late to start the social media presence for your business or yourself? It is never too late, but how do you make people aware you joined? Find social media presences who are talking about local businesses and their presences on social media and let them know you have joined. Local radio and local business interest groups like the chamber of commerces are amplifying this message.

4. We frequent a store that is not on social media and had closed. We purchase one item from them in which we pay $65 for 22KG. Another store, who were open, had this item in stock for $22 for 1kg. So out of curiosity I drove by our regular supplier who was closed to find you could indeed shop by phone. We quickly purchased our 22KG item and marveled what could have been for them if they were on social or had a website that had been created after HTML 2.0. We know of other local businesses who were not aware they were open nor had time to drive by and check. By the way what do you buy 22KG of? Citric acid for dying yarn for my wife’s business.

5. The news cycle is still evolving so quickly with COVID19 sharing anything from this cycle on social media can backfire. Our local minor hockey association sent a communication about “business as usual” only to have the remainder of the season cancelled literally an hour later by their governing body who oversees their insurance as well.

6. Tiktok, is still the fastest growing social media platform and has some fun, wonderful and amazingly creative people on it. How many wonderful distractions and challenges have started here during the staying at home portion of this pandemic? Did you try TikTok? You know you have seen a video from the platform whether you realise it or not.

7. Facebook started down the road to charging admission for artists for concerts they were streaming on the platform. I saw a very systemic flaw with this good intention by the platform. What about the advertising revenue surrounding the concert where Facebook receives all of the revenue? Shouldn’t the artist receive a portion of the revenues from the ads played during their concert on the platform? It seems fair as they are the draw to the platform for some viewers.

8. Instagram Live has evolved… Around May 15 live stories which would live in your Instagram stories for 24 hours now immediately moved to IGTV after they conclude. It, like many new features on social media was released very quietly. Remember though the live still has to be posted there just like it did with stories… So if you do not post the live it will be deleted after you leave the application.

9. Still with this change is when you do share this live from Instagram to IGTV all of the questions that were asked by viewers disappears. I have not seen a question card appear on the lives I have shared but will update on how question cards in lives are affected.

10. LinkedIn careers, why didn’t they start posting jobs earlier in the life cycle of the platform? It seems logical as it is the platform where your highlight your professional experience. Have you looked on LinkedIn for new employment or out of curiosity what might be out there?

11. FortNite as a social media platform? This game had been extinct in our household until recently. During the rebirth an article from ESPN Gaming’s Arda Ocal posed some interesting ideas about FortNite and how it was more than a game. One curious promotional idea that occurred on the platform was the trailer for the new Christopher Nolan movie Tenet was showing every hour on the hour for a full day in a common gathering area for players…

12. YouTube, is the algorithm for finding pirated shows being posted to the site broken? I ask as a full episode of VICE TV’s Dark Side of the Ring was in my main feed for YouTube and it had nearly 500,000 views. This might be something to dig a little deeper on.

13. LIVE Q & A:  Did you see the first one? Did you have questions about social media you want answered?  Email us in advance to Q@thirteenletter and we will answer the questions during an upcoming Facebook/Twitter Live. or if you have not already liked or followed those presences, you should, so you receive notifications about upcoming live events.

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