June 2, 2020

1.  How has your company reacted to the pandemic? This question has no right and no wrong answer. One unifying theme throughout the reaction phase is communication. You learn if you are connecting with your clients effectively. It also allows you to try new tools to connect with clients. 
T R Y   N E W   T H I N G S.

2.  In some of the reactions to this global health crisis are people being critical of businesses allowed to open who had not opened, or do not plan to open on the date they can. Stop and consider underlying factors about re-open before complaining. What are their cleaning costs? How is their lease been structured to deal with the pandemic? Can they survive by opening and only having less than 100% of their clients access their services?  These are factors being overlooked and not being considered.

3.  Still on email, multiple email mailing lists send communications this way everyday. Only one of those lists sent an email that said “we are open in your city AGAIN, and we are glad to be back.” That company stands out and comes to mind immediately if their products are needed now.   Mainly because all of the other lists avoided being that personal.

4.  #INSERTIsOver this hashtag seems to have originated in KPop and indicates someone’s career is now over. Or the social media platform that it is originating on is suggesting that person’s career is over. Now it seems businesses are being tagged with this. It is a hashtag that had us curious at first but now it is simply avoided when it appears…  So is #isOver over?

5. Celebrity names trending, well CNN did a news story to proclaim that in fact Betty White is alive and well.  She trended early during COVID19 in hashtags and it was to let everyone know she was alive and well. Most of the tweets about a trending celebrity are people afraid to find out what the trend was.

6. Shopify... If there was a time to take your businesses products or sell select products from your business now is the time. Shopify has met and exceeded the need for merchants.  Like Zoom, Shopify has seen it’s value and the value of the transactions conducted on the platform go through the roof.  It is so easy to use for even the least technically proficient. It is also supported heavily by Shopify and the app developers who have plugins for it.  Ever wonder how a company is selling on their Instagram we would bet their store is a Shopify store.

7.  Tiktok, on the day of our last thirteen thoughts Gary Vaynerchukconducted a live 12 hour event on TikTok. During the pandemic Gary has gone live daily on multiple platforms attracting thousands of viewers. It has evolved to Tea With Gary Vee and could be seen on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook simultaneously, it is on hold but how long the hold will last is uncertain. The TikTok event fundraising was exclusive to the United States but raised in excess of $2.3 million for charities that support hunger.

8. In the civil unrest out of the tragic death of George Floyd some Twitter accounts that are not media but would be called periphery accounts to sports have taken teams to task about their team issued statements about the racism and unrest. These accounts are expressing outrage about a lack of a response or criticizing the response delivered and keeping track of who did what. How about checking to see if each team has not laid off or terminated communications staff because of the pandemic before you start down that path?

9. Instagram has added a few new features in the last week. They never offer a road map so describing what you have not found proves to be difficult. One of the found improvements is working with the camera shooting the video or photo. How? That can not be explained but it might be like DJI with their Osmo Gimbal, DJI has an algorithm that makes images shot using their app way better.

10. Twitter has had a rocky week, but they should be commended for their stand. I think unbeknownst to the public is the President is not liable for anything they say. There is a statute in the constitution of the United States that if the President walked out to a live mic and slandered someone and then lied nothing could be done. No litigation could be started against the President. Twitter finally did what they should have done to Donald Trump long before he became the commander in chief. They flagged a tweet and marked another sensitive.

11. Reaction to Twitter’s actions were varied but they started down a dangerous road. Social media companies under United States law are not liable for what people post because they loosely monitor them looking for copyright, nudity/sexuality and sharing personal information among other things. So what can happen is the laws could be changed that social media companies might have to start strictly monitoring the actions of their users if the social media laws can be changed. An executive order from Donald Trump will not be able to enact those changes though. If the changes came thought social media companies the way they are constructed now would not be sustainable.

12. YouTube has chapters… Have you ever seen a really long video and knew it contained information you wanted to learn? Well know creators can create chapters with their videos that if you click in the description will take you right to that information or chapter.

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