1. Black Out Tuesday June 2 was more polarizing than the good it was to have brought. This was simply started as a show of solidarity by the music industry towards Black Lives Matters. It exploded beyond the music industry very quickly and this is where the backlash began. 

2. With social media a lot of companies are not sure how to express themselves to prove their corporate culture does not have racist tendencies. Say nothing and you are racist, say something and it might not be correct. 

some of the brands expressing their PRIDE this month.

3. Pride, nearly forgotten in COVID19 and the unrest of the George Floyd murder and subsequent rallies and riots is PRIDE. If you noticed a lot of rainbows icons in your timeline this is why. I think PRIDE gets noticed because of the celebrations and sometimes refusal of politicians to participate in the celebrations. If your plan as a politician is to not represent every person in your constituency you shouldn’t run. Hopefully we can still celebrate and honor the LGBTQ+ members of our community in different ways in these different times.

4. Newspapers used to be devoured cover to cover for their articles on local news, sports and community interest oh and the obituaries. One interesting part of newspapers used to be the editorials. Why “used to be” well editorials would be penned by community leaders or the editor of the newspaper to reflect the actualities of the community. Now newspapers print sensationalistic points of view for the shock value. In the past two or three weeks former CBC personality Rex Murphy has drawn fire for his views. The opinions editor of the New York Times resigned because an opinion piece penned by Senator Tom Cotton as well.  Why are newspapers printing points of view when every second a new opinion appears on Twitter?

5. Everything you say on the internet comes back to haunt you or does it? Steve Williams also known as “Stone Cold” Steve Austin the ultimate redneck super hero for wrestling fans. He was known to drink beer, flip off his bosses and just raise hell. Comments came back to praise him this week on social media about his stance on racism and gay marriage. He is very progressive and it shocks people who believe him to be the ultimate redneck, but his support of gay marriage and people of colour come back every year about this time and have since 2012.  By the way he has launched his own line of beers and that is the primary focus of his social media otherwise. HELL YEAH…


6. Meanwhile his main rival from the WWE Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson also released a very powerful message on Instagram simply titled “Where are you?” When you have 186 million followers you can be sure it was seen a few times. At last count this message had 14 million views and 88,000+ comments.  Surprisingly there was no response tweet from Donald Trump.

7. Twitter introduced a new feature this week.  It classifies your retweets now, so you can see who sent a retweet “with comments” and who simply retweeted “without comments”. This is handy for reviewing your analytics of how a tweet that took off did. It may have been the comment than the actual retweet that helped it take off.
8. Reddit, have you tried Reddit? If you haven’t the best description of this social media platform is a focused Facebook with anonymity. You follow or subscribe to threads of your interest and you don’t use your real name but a username. Funny enough you can have different opinions on a thread or a topic in a thread and it does not get mean…

9.  Funny enough with Reddit it can be even more local than Facebook. People are often looking for suggestions or advice and get solid answers with some humour. I have seen several local businesses spoken of in high regard and some with not so much regard because of poor service or poor staff attitudes. So this is a platform to reach clients. I think the learning curve for it over other social might be a bight higher.

10. A shout out to Dan O’Toole from TSN. He has taken to task a lot of the vitriol being spewed on Twitter. His criticism is with a critical eye and he noted the people who respond to his criticisms have under ten followers and only appear when he attacks certain political leaders he receives a response like “what about the other guy?” His best response has been when the other guy does something that stupid I will say the same thing about him as well.

11. This past week a user on Twitter did an interesting experiment. They posted letter for letter everything that the leader of the United States tweeted. Within less than 12 hours this account had been suspended for violating terms of service.  My only question with the spelling and grammar errors from the source was it hard not to correct the errors?

12. Online learning apps, are there any you use for kids? What are your recommendations? Google has made amazing inroads with their Google Classroom the public school board in Regina uses it and a lot of teachers have had to catch up to this valuable tool pretty quickly. With two kids in the same grade with different teachers we learned quickly which teacher adapted and which didn’t.

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