thirteen thoughts June 16
  1. Honestly every week these thirteen thoughts could simply be “what not to do” on Twitter and still have some 5 or 6 more thoughts to go… It really goes back to a core teaching principle undertaken in our social media coaching. If you would not say it to a person or a client’s face do not say it online. Yet here we are…
  2. This happened moments after the last thirteen thoughts was published but Greg Glassman fit in to the be careful what you do and do not say. He was publicly critical of public health modeling on COVID19 and then related the failures of public health to the unrest over the death of George Floyd. It did not cost him his company, but stay tuned as CrossFit had many partnerships including one with Reebok terminated over this flurry of comments. Glassman retired as CEO but whether CrossFit recovers is yet to be seen.
  3. Baseball seems to have a loaded revolver aimed at both of their feet. The saga of will America’s (fading) past time play or not this year has played out squarely on social media. The only interruption in this soap opera was during the MLB baseball draft. I routinely subscribe to MLB TV to watch the Detroit Tigers and have not heard any plans on how subscribers are going to be looked after? MLB TV is the premiere digital streaming platform for a sports league. DAZN has made inroads in Canada for the NFL and other sports leagues but MLB has an amazing service.
  4. Baseball will they or won’t they has been mainly played out on Twitter with various analysts putting out various league led theories while the players have asked for some pretty simple things. Open the books, the real books so we know the finances and then we will talk. Unlike the NBA or NHL a plan has not even been presented to the players union.
  5. Still on Twitter sagas is the recent birthday of the President of the United States. Some folks with a serious distaste for the commander in chief started a trend. For his birthday they started a trend about how great his predecessor was as president. At one point during this trend on Sunday it was near 15,000 tweets about this subject.
  6. Earlier this week a report stated a TikTok influencer with 9,000,000+ followers was asking $50,000 for product mentions in a 15 second video. So many factors go in to making this decision if you should pay an influencer to promote your product. This was a great article on some of those factors and even included some influencer rates as of January
  1. The owner of Mark Heise Rebellion Brewing had a great take on influencers it is really worth the ready.
  2. Mark has many points in that Twitter thread but what you should take away from it and his company is proof to it, build it so you become the local expert on social media in that market. Rebellion is not the original small brewery in the market but they have become the local expert. With a market like alcohol though you also have to have a very good product as well.
  1. If you have seen repeated promotions of Epidemic Sound on the thirteen letter social media it is a sound marketing strategy. Epidemic has offered free months to our subscription for every person how joins through the referal link provided in the posts. So if 12 posts save a year’s subscription for this amazing audio service it was worth every single post. You can check them out here:
  1. Did you miss this past weekend’s storms on social media? Calgary and surrounding area were hit with a storm so intense Deerfoot Trail was flooded and the fire rescue boat was used to help stranded motorists. It shows how some cities are very specific to their social media use. In one area of Calgary all of their damage was playing out on Reddit in another area the damage was playing out on Twitter.
  2. When a private chat is not so private a member of the Premier’s communication team was caught posting something inappropriate in an Instagram message. It offended someone enough they shared these posts with other people who ion turned shared them with the media. Punishment? Well it sounds like someone had their job title changed and nothing more.
  1. Have you ever seen the movie Hellboy with Ron Perlman? Well the 70 year old actor was challenged to a fight by politician Ted Cruz with money on the line. The catch is Cruz was going to have another politician Jim Jones wrestle the actor. This dispute blew up on Twitter with remarks Perlman first directed at Matt Gaetz a politician out of Florida.
  2. Social Media coaching, you know you can do your own social media but need some tips and tricks and ideas on how to make it sustainable? Well social media coaching is a service we offer.

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