1 So after being so excited about the new voice tweet feature on Twitter it had all but been forgotten in these parts. That is a drawback to new features on social media and a slow roll out. If you do not lay them on everyone at once no one will notice them. 

2 Instagram is like this with filters for stories, between profiles of different accounts it is noted that certain filters only apply to certain accounts and are not even in the filter gallery.

3 Facebook is facing a major backlash from advertisers. You can not blame the companies who have pulled their advertising dollars from a platform if the platform refuses to police ideals that are not in line with your corporate ideals. There seems to be a push back on these companies that they are out of line by boycotting Facebook but they have to feel a certain confidence their products will be fine with out Facebook, which takes a greater courage.  It is telling this lack of confidence from advertisers and the ensuing boycott is affecting Facebook’s actual value.  This is what those advertisers want some kind of attention to the misinformation and vitriol being spewed on the platform. 

4 There are advantages to advertising on Facebook and thirteen letter has launched many successful campaigns in the past. The campaign has to line up with the other ways you are trying to grow your company and your product though.

5 Did you think we were done with Karen? Well now you can meet her husband Ken. A St. Louis couple had a peaceful protest roll down their “private” street en route to a protest directed at the mayor of St. Louis. Their reaction was to drop everything and defend their home by walking out front with guns. If you note the husband’s firearm that looks more like an AR15 with a very large clip… As the couple who are actually both personal injury lawyers were a viral sensation on social media the nickname Ken and Karen were added to posts describing their actions.

6 Ken and Karen have been dragged through the ringer on every platform. I had seen one post that even zoomed in on “Karen’s” shirt to denote a mustard stain. Now that is some dedication to the comedic moment of them walking out of their mansion waving guns.

7 I just discovered that Jack Black recreated the distract boyfriend meme. . Did you know that the actual distracted boyfriend meme/jealous girlfriend was staged?

8 Free to air radio has been a fickle business for the better part of 20 years now. Broadcasters have been trying to find more and more efficiencies with the new challenges. The internet posed a huge challenge, then satellite radio and now podcasts have evolved how radio interacts with their listeners and advertisers. With advertiser dollars being spread thinner to places like social media platforms whose rates are far more affordable and provide more accurate analytics about reach of ad exposure. Radio announcers have to be engaging and attract listeners. So when ratings arrive you often notice changes on your favourite station or promotion of new hosts on stations you never listen to. So if you notice your favourite announcer being anxious at certain times of year, blame the ratings.

9 Ratings were announced recently and in the Regina market the entire morning team at one station was terminated. The afternoon drive hosts at another station also departed but not due to ratings but greener pastures in a bigger market. With the ratings purge Drew Dalby posted an amazing thread on twitter aimed at announcers.  It is a greater podcast starter kit including resources on free applications and how to do some work arounds. Drew’s point is make yourself more valuable to the company and the company will value you more.

10 PUBLIC ENEMY are back, they never actually left maybe they have been distracted by Flavours of Love and Prophets of Rage but in the last ten days they have made two huge statements. The first was their new recording State of the Union (STFU) featuring DJ PREMIER. This dropped at a time where it appeared Chuck and Flav would never be around each other anywhere again. The second statement was kicking off the BET Awards on Sunday with an all star rendition of Fight The Power an anthem that 30 years later still resonates today.  Chuck D is very active on Twitter educating people and spitting fire about what is right and wrong. He also sometimes drops some amazing art work for folks to enjoy but in that art is also a message.

11 Overnight TikTok added a new feature to picking the cover photo of your videos. Not much more to be said about it. It appeared today and it may disappear tomorrow or be here to stay. TikTok is at that growth stage where they can add and remove features very quickly and maintain their growth.

12 Here is a feature that was also launched on Instagram. You can now see who you interact with a lot and who you don’t.  In a haste if you were to follow an account because of a funny moment they shared you could easily remember you had not seen anything good from them and may want to follow someone else.  Purging old follows/likes on accounts is something you should do regularly. 

13  With it being the final day of June we are now at the end of PRIDE month. So if you see a lot of rainbows disappear overnight that is why. Today also marks #SocialMediaDay this is a worldwide observance of social media, nothing special happens just the hashtag trends or you see people acknowledge on social media they use social media? Maybe you need some Social Media coaching, you know you can do your own social media but need some tips and tricks and ideas on how to make it sustainable? Well social media coaching is a service we offer.

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