The reason we are on social media is to see cool things we would never typically see. Like a ten year time lapse of the sun.

2 In the past Google was renowned for launching the next “social media” killer apps or features that eventually fizzled, Google+ anyone? It seems this honour is shifting to Facebook who are closing two features this coming week, both of which were not released in Canada. Given the popularity of TikTok and Pinterest it is hard to imagine Facebook could even capture a small portion of those apps market share. In the case of Lasso which seemed to be launched as a TikTok competitor having another feature on Facebook that competes with Instagram seems counterintuitive as resources given to Lasso could have bolstered Instagram. It is always good to have an alternative but it seems Facebook might have underestimated Pinterest as well when launching Hobbi.  Regardless if these two apps kept people from leaving the Facebook eco-system they would consider that a success.

3 Maps, we have been doing a lot of work with clients on their presence and information about their business on both Google and Apple Maps. Funny enough with the emergence of “Maps” on the iOS system it offers an interesting take. It is now far easier to edit your map profile on Apple than it is on Google.  Apple got in the map business eight years ago and through changes in the iPhone and iOS it has improved significantly. At launch it was the worst received new app and now it is the default maps application on your iOS device and people do not notice it is no longer Google Maps. Google Maps though has some different features that still make it the industry leader. If you need MAP help contact us about edits.

4 This leads to Google Business, which ties directly to your Google Maps presence there is a lot more freedom you have about what appears on the Google Maps search result and although this is speculation Google Maps seems to drive search results on the search engine in some ways.

5 Have you ever analysed your businesses reviews on any of the maps applications? You should, you should also encourage people to leave reviews. These drive “how active” your business appears.  A negative review thirteen letter once placed led to harassment by a service they in no way could do the work they claimed they could and wasted valuable time on the project repeating these claims. Then after the work was moved to a company that could complete the work continued to harass to have the review removed, this review stands. 

6 Two interesting local threads on Reddit have appeared about local businesses in the Regina and Saskatoon threads about local businesses that have lost consumer trust. It consists mainly of bashing car dealerships about service issues. There are other businesses in there as well. So it points to different social media platforms have different perceptions of your business or you can find different perceptions of businesses online. 

7 Your business regardless of what you deliver it to clients wants the most eyes on your product. This is an interesting approach by Stuff based in New Zealand and is another step in the advertiser boycott over Facebook’s outright refusal from the top to change certain policies.  For Stuff less than 10% of their overall views on their website come from social media. Keep in mind all of the social traffic is not rooted in Facebook and Instagram but would include other mediums like Reddit and Twitter.  This will be interesting to see how long it lasts and who might blink first.

8 We are still in Pandemic conditions and the most contentious control measure these days seems to be the use of a protective mask. This woman refused to wear a mask for treatment for a broken finger at an emergency room in Ontario.What she expected for sympathy and support never arrived and she was mocked internationally for such arrogance. 

9 Masks are part of day to day life at thirteen letter including the looks of bewilderment and disgust from those chosing to not protect themselves and others. Saskatchewan has very low case numbers and has flattened the curve but other regions illustrate how population density or lack there of and letting your guard down can bring about increased numbers very rapidly.

image courtesy of Hootsuite based on data gathered until April 2020

10 This is still developing but the Secretary of State has started talking about banning TikTok in the United States. TikTok as an application was developed in China and has about 800 million users worldwide.  It is hard to say how many of those 800 million are in the United States but this could be a response to TikTok users allegedly sabotaging the Trump Oklahoma rally by registering for tickets and then not using them.

11  Social media platform news from The Verge, before you consider that all platforms are the wild Wild West here are some items and people can get away with anything. Here is a list of what was banned on social media sites and what social media platforms may have been banned in the week prior to July 1. 

12 Have you seen two lines of stories on Instagram? It is a feature that was being tested on select users and was expanding to Facebook and now Instagram was offering a full screen version of stories before you would see people’s picture feeds. Which part of Instagram do you enjoy most stories or feed posts?

13 In closing start asking clients to leave reviews… You would be surprised how quickly reviews on Facebook, Apple Maps, Google Maps, Bing and Google to name a few generate more traffic for your business.  If they like what they see in a review thank them for their support. If they do not like what they see ask them how to improve their experience next time. If you are a customer rant and rave about great service but drop by one of two platforms and leave nice words about business or criticism if they earned to grow from and improve.

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