1 This is a bit late as helping create new content for a YouTube channel was taking place. It was the first “free range” episode for the Massey Twins since February and will be released some time tomorrow. They cause an explosion is all that can be revealed at this time.

2 When the Score was a prominent sports channel in Canada instead of just an online presence Arda Ocal was held a lead role with the network. Arda left to work for the Weather Network, WWE and now works for ESPN on their gaming content and on some hockey content. He posted an interesting thread about just being nice. Pretty wise words to follow.

3 Have you seen the rebirth of the great Canadian retailers on Twitter? Both Zellers and Sears have prominent and FUNNY Twitter profiles. This is along the lines of the LAST BLOCKBUSTER which is an account that tweets once a day about being the last open Blockbuster video.

4 Twitter was hacked and about was asking outright to be paid Bitcoin to unlock these accounts. It lasted for a few hours and is being treated as a Federal crime in the United States. After Donald Trump was hacked a few months back tighter security measures prevented his account from being included. At last count the villains behind this made off with $100,000 but whether they get the money is to be seen. https://www.theverge.com/platform/amp/2020/7/15/21326200/elon-musk-bill-gates-twitter-hack-bitcoin-scam-compromised

5 Google My Business, have you ever looked at you search results on Google and wonder how it was gathered? Google allows you to claim that profile and populate it with information about your business. Depending how you claim it there is a verification process either by phone or by mail. We have helped build many of these profiles and the great flexibility they offer now can be invaluable to your business.

6 Portland, the only way stories about what is happening in the nightly protests in the Oregon city are being made public is on social media. From the former military member who stood up to multiple baton strikes, pepper spray and walked away with two fingers held high. To the photo of a women dubbed “naked athena”  sitting on a city street waiting for the forces. To the dozens of moms who formed a human shield to protect protestors. Initial stories are appearing on social media and days later journalists are telling them in greater detail.

7 A local story about the leader of a non-profit that works in mental health illustrates a good example of local rumour mill and journalism. People forget that rumours and innuendo can swirl about people or companies on social media about anything and everything. When these same rumours and innuendo are published by a journalist there has to be a burden of proof. With some political leaders coining the term “fake news” or “main stream media” they obfuscate the fact any story in the public domain in TV, radio or print can be held libel. So why would a journalist risk being sued?

8 LinkedIn has to be the worst when it comes to “connections” or spam connections as we call them in these parts. It seems once one of these spam connections is accepted immediately sales requests start arriving for products thirteen letter already delivers.

9 Do you remember “Ken” and “Karen” from St. Louis from a few weeks back in thirteen thoughts? They were the couple who were waving their firearms around while protestors took a short cut down their private street. Well the couple is facing legal issues in regards to the matter. Missouri’s Governor has promised to pardon the couple if they are convicted. This led to several pundits to ask why the charges were even laid if in the end a pardon awaits.

10 Preroll advertisements on social media, this is an idea borrowed from YouTube that companies like Global News and the NHL roll these ads prior to video they have created. Unlike YouTube whose skip kicks in after 5 seconds their skip feature is random at best. Honestly this is not a form of advertisement that should be recommended to any business. How many of these ads and the content that follows are scrolled past completely? Compelling video will still be consumed but a lot of video is being past by because of the ads before them.

11 It will be interesting times in the next few weeks. Baseball, basketball, hockey and football are returning. Baseball seems to care a bit but there players are not in any sort of protective environment like hockey or basketball. So the real glimpse inside what they are terming the bubble for those two sports will be social media. NFL on the other hand is acting like COVID19 does not exist and has not mentioned a single safety measure for their players that could be found like the other three leagues.

12  TikTok has a litany of rumours swirling around it. It will disappear, it will not disappear. Music will no longer be licensed maybe when that one stops spinning round and round it might be better to analyze what is exactly happening.

13 Take a break from social media, even for a day. A tweet exchange with someone about leaving Facebook offered this advice, DO IT. If you are not happy on a social media platform or it makes you stressed, anxious or disrupts your enjoyment of life sign out forever. You become the new challenge for marketing people to find.

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