1 Twitter is considering subscription options. What are your thoughts? CEO Jack Dorsey revealed the company was not hitting revenue projections and were considering a tiered subscription plan. Frankly having a better run ad system might help. Through all the campaigns that thirteen letter has run on Twitter the results have been terrible, conversion rates (seeing your ad clicking through to your product) are higher on other platforms and the cost on Twitter far outweighs the benefit. If Twitter can close that gap then revenues will increase.  Locking things behind a paywall worked really well for newspapers, ask them.

2 This webpage is an awesome little “malicious profile sniffer” for Twitter. You simply put in the Twitter profile and it will give you a run down on categories. It was discovered when a Twitter user in the U.S.A was claiming 6000 doctors worldwide supported using Hydrochloroquine as a cure for COVID19. Bot Sentinel proved this user spreading false and misleading information to be 58% malicious. https://botsentinel.com

3 The NHL will completely control the narrative, they believe, in the “bubble” as they have returned to play. Not that Canadian media does not tow the line on telling positive stories about the NHL. Only four journalists from independent media will be inside the bubble as the NHL returned to play.  These journalists will also have very limited access. Otherwise NHL will issue all stories from within the bubble and the teams all have their social media people inside and NHL will approve what these sources issue.

4 Outside media is allowed in the NBA bubble in Florida but there are some constraints. Ben Golliver from the Washington Post illustrated some of the challenges media have with the NBA bubble.

5 Regardless of the bubble the NBA has had two players leave to return. One showed up on a rapper’s instagram post in a gentleman’s club. That post was later deleted and in an attempt to debunk the post the rapper claimed it was an old photo. If it was an old photo how was the player wearing a mask that was only issued inside the bubble?  Don’t let facts get in the way of an alibi.

6 There maybe hockey running in the background of day to day activities with no favourite team chosen in these parts. Regardless of that this photo might be one of the best hockey photos ever. .4 seconds left on the clock and the looks you can see on the faces say it all.

7 Tik Tok has annoyed Donald J Trump again, or he never got over the first slight. It was announced Tik Tok would be shut down by his administration for whatever bogus reason he presented. Here is the simple reason his vanity rally in Oklahoma City was completely disrupted by users on the platform. He wants the platform to disappear so it is safe to not be embarrassed again. 

8 At the same time Tik Tok is in serious talks to be acquired by Microsoft. From the perspective of the Windows operating system and office suite it makes absolutely no sense. When you consider their gaming and for lack of a better term lifestyle division Tik Tok makes perfect sense. Microsoft built early messenger platform with MSN Messenger that worked brilliantly with or without Hotmail. By shuttering their live streaming platform for gamers Tik Tok would be ideal to post highlights from your favourite latest gaming binge.

9 How long the new filters will continue on Instagram stories is yet to be seen. A lot of the stories thirteen letter produces are raw and lack the degree of colour and effect these new filters have. A reason behind the extreme on why Instagram has gone this route is not yet evident, but like some features it could be gone next week as well.

10 Facebook is officially licensing music videos. Why would they finally do this? Well they do have more passionate fan bases than a YouTube channel or even Vimeo and lately Facebook has been countering work done by Google (YouTube) and Tik Tok which may end up being Microsoft. Still Facebook will present some cooked numbers to present that they can only pay artists pennies on the dollars they are actually worth.

11 In the NFL over the weekend the Senior Media Manager (social media director) for the Washington Football Club started a look behind the curtain. I think the biggest shock for most of the testosterone driven fans of the league was she was a female.  Astasia Will took people a little behind the scenes and said that over 40% of the social media teams in the NFL are led by women which is awesome. You can

12 The Digital Footprint is a social media marketing agency based in Maryland. One of the most important take aways from finding The Digital Footprint is approaching content with a different slant.  Their clients are recognizing more genuine content is resonating, they are finding content that although developed by an agency has to look like the client developed it. Expect this trend to catch on, how this will change rates is up for debate.

13 Maybe your plan is not being widely accepted if within the first hour of posting it on Facebook there are 1200 responses to it… This is pandemic life when you release a back to school plan…

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