I think there are many football fans in Canada who are happy for Winnipeg right now. Winnipeg is a tough as nails city located in the middle of Canada. Toronto is 2200km to the east, Regina, a smaller city, is 600km to the west meanwhile Minneapolis is the closest major U.S city 750km to the south. So to say Winnipeg has had the room to carve an identity is true through and through.

Winnipeg has a love affair with sports and music, and the order of the love depends on your preference but every citizen loves both music and sports. This past weekend Manitoba’s much maligned Winnipeg Blue Bombers appeared in the CFL championship Grey Cup for the first time since 2001 a game they had not won since 1990.

One story that permeated throughout week leading up to the game was how a man in Winnipeg vowed he would not put pants on again until the Blue Bombers won the Grey Cup.

Suffice it to say Winnipeg accomplished the task, the man without pants was on the sidelines for the big game and had pants ready.

After the game the team celebrated as only a team can and likely since Alexander Ovechkin won the Stanley Cup in 2018 players in every sport have been trying to figure out how to upstage Ovie. Chris Streveler a quarterback with the Blue Bombers rose to the challenge.

The above post was after the team had been partying in the dressing room in Calgary, site of the game. A championship win leads to the inevitable celebration parade, which in the city of 750,000, it is certain a lot likely missed work to attend this parade.

During this parade arose a challenge from Bartley Kives. Bartley works for CBC Winnipeg, he previously worked for the Winnipeg Sun but it was during his time at the Winnipeg Free Press that many a music conference was spent speaking to Bartley prior to, or during the conference about music and pop culture when the focus of thirteen letter was deeper in music management than it currently is.

During the parade Bartley issued the following challenge:

This is as Canadian as can be and was quickly answered… Not just with the Trailer Park Boys but also another Canadian TV classic LetterKenny.


Trailer Park Boys

Which inevitably lead to requests like Home For A Rest by Spirit of the West, or the Peter Gunn theme as well as Chumbawumba’s Tubthumping and the theme for the TV show The Office.

The Office

So Thumbthumping 1 & 2 were removed by Twitter for copyright violation but it took three months…

Tubthumping 1

Tubthumping 2

By far the Trailer Park Boys is still blowing up twitter in the office and has been the overwhelming smash sensation with folks in Winnipeg and around Canada. Tubthumping 2 is the second choice of folks followed by LetterKenny and then the Office theme.

Trailer Park Boys version at this writing had:

  • 12,400 impressions
  • 3290 media views
  • 1374 total engagements
  • 1050 media engagements
  • 110 detail expands
  • 40 profile clicks
  • 5 replies
  • 4 link clicks

This tweet never trended according to Twitter or was added to a moment but it reached a LOT of people… This is also a great indication of how live social media services can work. It was an honour to bring another smile to the faces of the fans of this historic franchise in their time of joy.

Congratulations Winnipeg! Thanks for the challenge Bartley, and someone please ensure Chris Streveler survives…

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