An important question is what do you need designed?  Here is what we have done and examples of ideas we have executed for clients:

video ★ social media elements ★ logos ★ graphics ★ websites ★ store signage ★ proposals ★ magazines ★ print ads ★ published books ★ events ★ and so much more

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The following are a small selection of video work, branding, social media elements print design and events.


Smokekiller -“Stars” 2020
First Nations University Career Videos
National Centre for Collaboration in Indigenous Education – Michif Language Conference
NCCIE – Story to guide content creators coast to coast to coast
Massey Twins episode 2020
the One With Bob 2020


Self-Striping Yarn Company
Created for a new season of the Massey Twins. An homage to the venerable Mojang game Minecraft
13 Year Old YouTube Creators.



Mini-Skein Labels – Area 51 Fibres
2SK Performance Business Cards
Yarn Labels – Area 51 Fibres
First Nations University Annual Report 2018-2019
First Nations University Annual Report 2017-2018
First Nations University Annual Report 2016-2017
First Nations University Annual Report 2015-2016

Photos of Trade Show Set ups designed by thirteen letter

Solera, a multi-national company presenting to motor vehicle insurance providers from BC, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

First Nations University, a sample of events staged at First Nations University from 2017-2019.

Other Elements

40th Anniversary timeline – First Nations University

Behance Profile