It was a Friday at 4:30pm I received the text that basically read, “hey I have added two camps can you get them out there?” With the first camp being only eight days from the day this text was sent. In total there are 24 spots to fill with 16 of them happening right away.

How does the workflow proceed after a message like this? Typically I acknowledge the request and survey what we have for assets in regards to the request. This is a camp the client has just started to offer and they have been quite popular as the camps are focussed, skill development training. Given the nature of the camps the ratio of instructor to participant is eight participants to three instructors. A participants skill level is irrelevant for these camps due to the ratio. Each participant will gain something whether they are an expert or a beginner.

So from the request I planned out the platforms to deliver the messaging on. They include a Facebook post, two separate Facebook events for each date, Twitter, Instagram, Instagram stories, Google MyBusiness, email blast, posting on the clients website and a print version for in location posters. So in total 11 different images needed to be created. Facebook/Twitter are 1920×1080, Facebook events are 1920×1005, Instagram is a 1×1 ratio, Instagram stories are 1080×1920 and Google MyBusiness is 12×9 ratio and in location is and 8.5×11 piece of paper.

It is easier to create the wider versions of the imagery and move to the more narrow version. As well some versions do not need as much information for the brief amount of time they will be presented to subscribers and followers. So start with more and work to less is the motto in these parts.

Sometimes the workflow for this will be in Adobe InDesign with prebuilt sized templates and other times it is in Adobe Illustrator with new versions being copied to that new version size. For this project Illustrator was the tool of choice. Why? Honestly it depends on mood and some source materials for this request work better in Illustrate than with other tools. I also hope with every project like this I can learn something new and the urge to learn was strong on this Friday night.

In the background as I created assets someone in my household was watching the British Baking Show. This episode was focussing on bread and biscuit week. So some distractions presented themselves when certain challenges were mentioned or ingredients described. Distractions can be expected on a Friday night at the end of a busy week.

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