Why Google MyBusiness is a key to your success

Working with a multi-national real estate firm office the most important part of the duties is how the local approach is executed. Shop Local, Buy Local, Think Local are more than marketing catch phrases they are important approaches to community.

The backbone of the digital and online community is Google. Before it was a verb, or had a line of cellular phones or dominated online maps, Google had established itself as the central nervous system of the online community. How did they do that? They dominate where you find your search results.

By 2017 Google had long-established itself as the most dominant player with the original Google and the various places Google is your primary search engine like your web browser or your mobile browser. According to Forbes that same year YouTube was the number two search engine in the world. Consider that people are on YouTube searching for information three billion times a month. So Google as a company and its affiliates own the search engine market.

So how does this affect local community and how to reach it? Your profile on Google MyBusiness is key and knowing how to control it is even more important. You can control that presence but what is allowed to be a Google MyBusiness Profile? These profiles are not just for businesses but also for community groups and non-profit organizations, simply if there is a physical location found by Google that is more than a home address there is a Google MyBusiness Profile.

Controlling the multi-national real estate firm’s local MyBusiness profile was not something their office was even aware of. Quickly it was established to gain access to the profile and correct existing information and start providing content to the profile. Now this profile feeds new listings into Google from another angle besides their website or SEO tools.

There are additional results to these posts on MyBusiness with metrics on how often posts are viewed and even posts are being clicked if an action is chosen with the post. Some of these actions include contact, directed to calling or online sales to name a few.

One of the first steps undertaken at thirteen letter in building a brand for a company is establishing this profile, or gaining control of the existing profile. If you can submit and authenticate facts about your brand your value to Google improves. It might not be a flashy post on a social media engine but when 91% of active internet users, and this includes social media, are using a Google service you can quickly rise to the top of your local community if you have your profile rock solid.

thirteen letter’s MyBusiness profile

This is base work to creating a strong local presence that every business should strive to achieve. Coming soon some approaches to negative reviews on Google and beyond can be undertaken to spin it your companies benefit.

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