1 Twitter is considering subscription options. What are your thoughts? CEO Jack Dorsey revealed the company […]
1 This is a bit late as helping create new content for a YouTube channel was […]
1 Have you ever heard of Tyler Blevins? Tyler plays Fortnite online using the handle Ninja. He […]
1 The reason we are on social media is to see cool things we would never typically see. […]
1 So after being so excited about the new voice tweet feature on Twitter it had […]
1. There can be to much Twitter, it is the preferred social media in these parts […]
thirteen thoughts June 16
this weeks random thoughts on social media
1. Black Out Tuesday June 2 was more polarizing than the good it was to have brought. This […]
June 2, 2020 1.  How has your company reacted to the pandemic? This question has no […]
May 26, 2020 1. Well who thought most of us would still be at home or […]